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Business Education Evolved: MBA Programs on iTunes (European Edition)

Ever wanted to see what an MBA lecture was like, without paying thousands of dollars for it? Or are you curious to see if a popular business professor is really that great, or would you like to hear about some new research? Well, with iTunes, now you can.

Many business schools are starting to provide lectures, podcasts, and other resources for free or inexpensively through iTunes. Users can download them and engage them immediately, or put them on an iPad or iPhone and watch (or listen) on the go. Apart from being super convenient, these resources can also give potential students insight into what an MBA program is like from the inside, or just be rewarding to those simply seeking new ideas.

Keep in mind that these videos are not meant to replace the MBA experience (there is no infrastructure for interacting, at the very least;) but they can be extremely valuable nonetheless. Below you’ll find some of the best offerings from some top European MBA programs on iTunes. Note that to use these podcasts and videos, you’ll need to have iTunes installed on your computer, and to use them on the go, you’ll need an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

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Video Impressions of IMD / Lausanne

I was in Lausanne for the first time last week, and took the opportunity to drop by the famous IMD business school. The campus is located on a small hillside along Lake Geneva. It was a beautiful day, and my impression of the town and campus was very positive. Lovely setting. Lots of trees.

Campus was pretty empty, as it was rather late on Friday afternoon when I made it down there. There were some leadership and CSR conferences going on. Of course, I assume the MBAs were still hard at work somewhere.

Friendly people on and off campus, despite my lousy French. Toward the end of my two-hour train ride from Zurich Airport (Geneva is a lot closer!), I got a spectacular view of the lake, Alps, and vineyards as we descended into Lausanne.

Here are a few Flip video impressions from my stop. Sorry for being a little shaky.

Impressions of IMD & Lausanne from FIND MBA on Vimeo.