Business Education Evolved: MBA Programs on iTunes (European Edition)

Ever wanted to see what an MBA lecture was like, without paying thousands of dollars for it? Or are you curious to see if a popular business professor is really that great, or would you like to hear about some new research? Well, with iTunes, now you can.

Many business schools are starting to provide lectures, podcasts, and other resources for free or inexpensively through iTunes. Users can download them and engage them immediately, or put them on an iPad or iPhone and watch (or listen) on the go. Apart from being super convenient, these resources can also give potential students insight into what an MBA program is like from the inside, or just be rewarding to those simply seeking new ideas.

Keep in mind that these videos are not meant to replace the MBA experience (there is no infrastructure for interacting, at the very least;) but they can be extremely valuable nonetheless. Below you’ll find some of the best offerings from some top European MBA programs on iTunes. Note that to use these podcasts and videos, you’ll need to have iTunes installed on your computer, and to use them on the go, you’ll need an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

The European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) has podcasts with varied resources, including lectures and short interviews with people in the school’s network. A highlight is an insightful (albeit lengthy) audio lecture from Daniel Lee of the IMF on the subject of fiscal austerity.

ESMT’s podcast page can be found here.

HEC Paris has a wealth of material on its iTunes U page, including complete MBA lectures, conferences, and courses. Much of it is in French, but there are English selections available as well. Check out the “Intuitive Intelligence” lecture series, which is based on a 2-day HEC seminar on innovation and rethinking “business as usual.”

HEC’s iTunes launch page can be found here.

IESE’s podcast page has a collection of about 100 video lectures, interviews, and other commentary – some in Italian, and some in English. They have a lot of great, topical short clips, including “Climate Change Policy: Looking for a Solution Over the Next Decades,” and “The Peril of Too Big to Fail.”

IESE’s podcast page can be found here.

IMD’s “Tomorrow’s Challenges” podcasts page has videos related to research currently being done at the school. There are over 80 interviews with researchers and lecturers on such diverse topics as individuals’ internal drivers and globalization.

Find IMD’s podast page here.

And finally, INSEAD has a number of excellent podcasts, including “Leadercast” (where INSEAD professors interview business leaders,) and “Knowledgecast” (insights into current research.) All the INSEAD material can be found through the school’s iTunes U portal.

Here are a few others to check out:

ESADE (Spanish/English)

IE (mainly about admissions)

London Business School (LBS)

Stay tuned for a list of iTunes resources for US schools.

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