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Student Interview: Biswajit Das at Queen’s University

Baswajit Das

Why an MBA in Canada? We asked Biswajit Das,  who in 2007 received his MBA from the Queen’s University in Ontario.

Why did you choose an MBA program in Canada?

I was looking for an MBA program that would compliment my science and technology background, provide me a sound understanding of business and help me attain my goals. From the economic point of view, I was looking for an education that would be for a year (and not a two-year program). I checked the U.S. B-Schools and the good ones were all two-year programs. There were European schools but they were expensive. Moreover, I wanted an MBA from a North American School. I had admission to some of the best Indian B-Schools but I am of the belief that I wanted to be a global manager in the flat world –someone who has the ability to accept and deal with diversity in the word. Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world and became my obvious choice

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Interview: Joseph Doucet of the University of Alberta

Joseph Doucet

Joseph Doucet directs the Natural Resources, Energy & Environment MBA program at the University of Alberta School of Business. He talks about why a good location matters for a business school offering an energy focus.

Edmonton is pretty far north. Why would someone want to go up there for an MBA?

Alberta is a natural location because of the significance of the energy, resource, and environmental sectors in the provincial economy. Our students come from all over the world, and upon graduation, have gone to jobs in the public and private sector in Canada and the US, and elsewhere. Although it is rooted here in Alberta, clearly the preparation and opportunities we give our students are global, because energy, environmental, and resource problems are global.

Business schools in London might want to exploit the advantage they have in terms of international finance. Here we take advantage of the fact that the energy and natural resource sector is so prevalent in the economy, so there are lots of opportunities for students to speak to business leaders, government leaders, and thought leaders in these different areas. We take students up to visit the oil sand plants or mines, we visit gas plants, electricity generation facilities, and pipeline and storage tank facilities.

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