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Video Impressions of UCLA Anderson

About time for a new post! So, while we work on typing up some more MBA interviews, here is some more raw video footage of one of our visits to UCLA Anderson School of Management a while ago. Just some impressions of the campus on a (pretty typical) sunny day in Los Angeles. Nice huh?

Video: Impressions of UCLA from FIND MBA on Vimeo.

Video Impressions of ESADE

So, I was in Barcelona over the holiday break, and thought I would stop by ESADE Business School. It’s up on a hill overlooking the city, in the “university district” of Pedralbes.

I’ve posted a bit raw video here. It was winter and holiday time, so I’m not sure the video does proper justice to the normal campus or student life at ESADE (though the space-age entrance is pretty cool!). Nor does the video show Barcelona in all of its famous sunny splendor. But the city truly is a gem – culturally, architecturally, and many other ways. My impression is that it would be an amazing place to be for a year (or more).

Video Impressions of ESADE from FIND MBA on Vimeo.

I was also going to try to visit IESE, which is nearby, but I got lost, and had to hurry off to the airport. I’ll be back.

Video Impressions of UC Berkeley Haas

We visited several business school campuses in California last year, and we thought we would share some of our video footage, so that prospective students can get a little glimpse of life on campus and the surrounding areas.

Video Impressions of UC Berkeley Haas from FIND MBA on Vimeo.

This clip is from ourĀ  visit to UC Berkeley Haas School of Management. The campus is situated up on a hill overlooking the San Francisco Bay. It is full of top-notch programs in the sciences, law, journalism, and other disciplines, so there’s a real intellectual vibrance here. The university also has a long history by California standards, but of course not as long as schools like Oxford or Heidelberg that have been around for centuries. Berkeley was a hotbed of student revolt and alternative movements during the sixties, and there are remnants of this on campus, course offerings, and off-campus life in Berkeley.

Video Impressions of IMD / Lausanne

I was in Lausanne for the first time last week, and took the opportunity to drop by the famous IMD business school. The campus is located on a small hillside along Lake Geneva. It was a beautiful day, and my impression of the town and campus was very positive. Lovely setting. Lots of trees.

Campus was pretty empty, as it was rather late on Friday afternoon when I made it down there. There were some leadership and CSR conferences going on. Of course, I assume the MBAs were still hard at work somewhere.

Friendly people on and off campus, despite my lousy French. Toward the end of my two-hour train ride from Zurich Airport (Geneva is a lot closer!), I got a spectacular view of the lake, Alps, and vineyards as we descended into Lausanne.

Here are a few Flip video impressions from my stop. Sorry for being a little shaky.

Impressions of IMD & Lausanne from FIND MBA on Vimeo.

Video: MBA Programs in Southern California

Another video! This one about some MBA programs in Los Angeles and San Diego. Enjoy!

MBA Programs in Southern California from FIND MBA on Vimeo.

More information about the schools mentioned in this video:
UCLA Anderson
USC Marshall
University of San Diego (USD)
UC San Diego (UCSD) Rady
San Diego State (SDSU)