Video Impressions of ESADE

So, I was in Barcelona over the holiday break, and thought I would stop by ESADE Business School. It’s up on a hill overlooking the city, in the “university district” of Pedralbes.

I’ve posted a bit raw video here. It was winter and holiday time, so I’m not sure the video does proper justice to the normal campus or student life at ESADE (though the space-age entrance is pretty cool!). Nor does the video show Barcelona in all of its famous sunny splendor. But the city truly is a gem – culturally, architecturally, and many other ways. My impression is that it would be an amazing place to be for a year (or more).

Video Impressions of ESADE from FIND MBA on Vimeo.

I was also going to try to visit IESE, which is nearby, but I got lost, and had to hurry off to the airport. I’ll be back.

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