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Apples to Oranges? Comparing Master in Management Degrees with MBAs

Last year, the Find MBA Blog interviewed Thomas Graf, the director of the website Master in Management Compass, about the differences between Master in Management (MiM) programs and traditional MBAs.

Graf noted that MiM programs tend to draw younger candidates with less work experience. They’re also generally cheaper, and carry less reputation than their better known MBA counterparts. Interestingly, Graf noted that there is not much difference in the range of their respective curriculums:

Some students I talk to think there are no differences at all. I think this is probably too strong to say, but overall the differences in terms of content are not that big. Both offer general management courses, integrated team work, case studies, and a practical-oriented approach.

So, if the curriculum is about the same – how do the differences play out in the real, post-graduation world?

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Business Education Evolved: MBA Programs on iTunes (European Edition)

Ever wanted to see what an MBA lecture was like, without paying thousands of dollars for it? Or are you curious to see if a popular business professor is really that great, or would you like to hear about some new research? Well, with iTunes, now you can.

Many business schools are starting to provide lectures, podcasts, and other resources for free or inexpensively through iTunes. Users can download them and engage them immediately, or put them on an iPad or iPhone and watch (or listen) on the go. Apart from being super convenient, these resources can also give potential students insight into what an MBA program is like from the inside, or just be rewarding to those simply seeking new ideas.

Keep in mind that these videos are not meant to replace the MBA experience (there is no infrastructure for interacting, at the very least;) but they can be extremely valuable nonetheless. Below you’ll find some of the best offerings from some top European MBA programs on iTunes. Note that to use these podcasts and videos, you’ll need to have iTunes installed on your computer, and to use them on the go, you’ll need an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

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Video Impressions of ESADE

So, I was in Barcelona over the holiday break, and thought I would stop by ESADE Business School. It’s up on a hill overlooking the city, in the “university district” of Pedralbes.

I’ve posted a bit raw video here. It was winter and holiday time, so I’m not sure the video does proper justice to the normal campus or student life at ESADE (though the space-age entrance is pretty cool!). Nor does the video show Barcelona in all of its famous sunny splendor. But the city truly is a gem – culturally, architecturally, and many other ways. My impression is that it would be an amazing place to be for a year (or more).

Video Impressions of ESADE from FIND MBA on Vimeo.

I was also going to try to visit IESE, which is nearby, but I got lost, and had to hurry off to the airport. I’ll be back.