FIND MBA Goes Social!

We don’t often post stuff about ourselves, but we have a few exciting things to announce:

First of all, the official FIND MBA Twitter channel is up and running! So now you can be the first to know about our MBA news updates and commentary. Follow us here.

Secondly, the FIND MBA Facebook page is also online. We’re just getting this started, but you can connect with us and other prospective MBA students there. We will be adding new, unique content here soon, so stay tuned.

Finally, we’ve upgraded the community tools on FIND MBA. We built the MBA AppTracker so that registered users can share their application status for the MBA programs they are applying to. It also lets you see how other users are doing in the application process: Who else is interested in the same program? Who else has applied? Who has received an admissions decision already?

Check it out. AppTracker is a tab in every users’ account (“My Account“).

Original penguin photo: Stan Shebs / Creative Commons

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