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Full ProfileHochschule Bremen - International Graduate Center (IGC)

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Hochschule Bremen - International Graduate Center (IGC)
Süderstr. 2
28199 Bremen
Accreditations: AACSB

The University

Graduation Ceremony

With some 8,000 students from nearly 100 different countries and over 60 courses (19 Master and MBA courses) on offer, the University of Applied Sciences Bremen is amongst the largest Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany. The University’s roots go back to the first faculty in the year 1799 and today the University of Applied Sciences Bremen can rely on a network of over 300 partner universities worldwide. Actually 1,300 international Students are on campus.

The accreditation of all courses ensures that the students receive an education of the highest quality combined with the best possible mobility during their studies. Moreover in two-thirds of all courses, internships and study terms spend abroad are an obligatory part of the teaching plan. Courses leading to a master degree are based on the first level of final university exams that qualify students for professions or vocations.

The University of Applied Sciences Bremen presents students attractive opportunities in structuring study courses not only practice oriented but also internationally compatible. Future-oriented and innovative course contents which are acknowledged all over the world offer excellent career possibilities in and outside of Europe.…

The Business School

MBA Students of the IGC

The International Graduate Center (IGC) was founded by the University of Applied Sciences Bremen as an interdisciplinary Graduate School for Management and Leadership. For applicants with a first University degree the International Graduate Center offers several MBA and Master degrees in the area of international and European business and management. With three full-time and two part-time MBA programs the IGC has among the largest range of courses of all Graduate Schools in Germany. All full-time courses are taught entirely in English.

The IGC guarantees a postgraduate education which satisfies academic and job requirements in equal measure. Team oriented lectures and seminars in small groups with a maximum of 25 students facilitate a constructive dialog between the members. The IGC has currently some 200 students from more than 40 countries. The IGC is part of the International Business School Alliance (IBSA) with six partner universities (located in USA, UK, Spain, France, Russia, Malaysia) that successfully offer an unique Dual MBA program where students receive two degrees within one year.

As a Graduate School of a public German University we regularly have the curricula accredited by external accreditation agencies (ZEvA, AQAS, AACSB). An AACSB accreditation applies to the International MBA program from the International Graduate Center and University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA.

The Program

Students of the International MBA program

The International Graduate Center offers three full-time MBA programs and two international master program. All MBA programs are providing one of the following features:

· A real international profile through an international audience (over 40 Nations), international lecturers and institutional partners
· Focused on General Management with specializations
· English as language of instruction
· Practical proximity and team oriented lectures
· High quality through accreditation on high European standards
· Enhanced support of application and student matters through the International Students Assistance
· MBA and Master Degrees in just one year study-time
· A tuition free optional semester for an internship (not available for Intern. MBA)

The Faculty

The international network is strengthened by visiting lecturers from many of our international partner universities who offer courses, lectures and contribute to the inter cultural competence of our students. Many of our lecturers come from the management of top companies in Europe and will provide students with an insight into different companies and fields of business.

Entry Requirements

- An undergraduate (bachelor) degree or equivalent with an above average performance
- MBA only: One year of work experience in a business environment (recommended two - years) after graduation
- Minimum TOEFL score of 560, IELTS of 6,0 or prior studies in English
- GMAT is not required in general but could be considered positively in the application
- A reference letter of an university or company

Application Procedure

For more information on the application process click here…

Financial Aid

Find more information about financing options on our website…


Free Hanseatic City Bremen

Free Hanseatic City Bremen
The International Graduate Center is situated in the heart of Bremen. A five-minute walk brings you to the picturesque city center with its impressive Market Square and the Cathedral of St Petri which is over 900 years old. The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen has more than 1,200 years of tradition as a port and trading city and is a bustling, cosmopolitan and multicultural city - with a population of over 540,000. Bremen is one of Germany?s major foreign trade and industrial centers. In the last few years, Bremen has been making a name for itself as a venue for congresses and exhibitions and also earned the distinction of being the City of Science 2005.


Living and studying in another country is both exciting and interesting but at the same time it also means organizational and administrative work. Our international applicants and students do not need to worry about this. The Student Service of the IGC looks after them right from the start and answers all questions with regard to the planned study visit in Bremen beforehand. The international student assistance (isa) takes on the task of finding accommodation, gives support with visa applications, clarifies insurance queries and helps the students in their dealings with the authorities both at home and abroad. This service is available to students free of charge. Furthermore the isa allocates tutors to the students and regularly organizes excursions and events during their period of study in Bremen.…

Student Life

Bremen´s market place

With over 35,000 enrolled students Bremen is also well-known as a student city in Germany. Museums, art exhibitions, theaters, festivals, concerts, opera and ballet provide Bremen with its fair share of culture. A wide variety of cafés, bars, pubs, restaurants, clubs and discos make Bremen a city where there is no excuse for being bored and where you feel at home.

Beside the studies the IGC is also offering an leisure program with city trips in Germany, company visits, welcome events and tutor service.…

Program Information

One-Year Full-Time
  • MBA in Global Management (MGM)
  • MBA in International Tourism Management (MTM)
  • MBA in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MBA - Focus China
Language of Instruction
  • English
Program Website
  • MBA für Offiziere (MBA for Officers)
Program Features
  • Core courses in International Management, Economics and Quantitative Methods, Cross-Cultural and Human Resource Management, Finance, Operations and Project Management, Law and Taxation.
  • Mandatory elective courses in area studies and language training either with focus on China, India, Japan, or Korea. Students can choose one country focus upon their application to the programme.
  • In-depths electives where students can specialise by choosing one of various modules, e.g.: Comparative East Asian Management, Innovation Management, Leadership Challenges, International Logistics, or Global Strategy Analysis.
Language of Instruction
  • English, German
Program Website
Dual Degree
  • MBA / MBA in International Finance and Investments, Germany/USA
  • MBA / MSc in Human Resource Management, Germany/UK
  • MBA / MA in International Marketing, Germany/Spain
  • MBA / MBA in Global Islamic Finance, Germany/Malaysia
  • MBA / MA in Management in Emerging Economies, Germany/Russia
  • MBA / MSc in Business Development & Consulting, Germany/France
  • IMBA / MA or MSc in International Logistics, IBSA
Program Features
Language of Instruction
  • English
Program Website
Executive MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Executive MBA Focus China / Japan
Language of Instruction
  • English, German
Program Website

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