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Universitą di Pisa · University of Pisa
Department of Business Administration "Egidio Giannessi"
Via Ridolfi, 10
56124 Pisa

The University

MBA class 2012

The University of Pisa, established in 1343, is worldwide renowned for its tradition of academic excellence. It is nowadays home of some of the most prominent research centres in several disciplines: engineering, medicine and business administration.

The University of Pisa carries out research programmes in partnership with academic institutions in European Union Countries and in other countries like United States, Japan, Australia, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Our University makes the city of Pisa a unique "campus city" and an ideal cultural laboratory for new ideas and trends.

The Business School

MBA class 2011

The Department of Economics and Management hosts the University of Pisa Research Center for Business Administration. Our internationalism is encouraged by participations to international research projects and conferences, in cooperation with both academic and private institutions.

In 2007 the Department hosted the Fifth European Academic Conference on "Internal Audit and Corporate Governance".Our researchers took part in the project of the EECIA (The European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing) Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK), 2006, in partnership with Cass Business School members (London, UK).
The Department of Economics and Management offers high profile post graduate Master and Phd programmes with international partners.

Our approach to teaching results from a combination of traditional academic lessons, exercises, cases studies. We provide an effective learning experience that brings together up-to-date research and best practices from the business world.

Visiting Professors and Lecturers from top Universities and Business Schools, along with guest speakers from our Corporate and Professional Network, join the Departments Faculty in graduate and post-graduate courses.

The Program

The MBA is a 12-month full time programme covering a full range of general management issues. It will run from January to December 2014 and it will involve two types of activities:
· 50 Credits: Lectures - to be held in Pisa.
· 10 Credits: Master Thesis can be either a research project or an internship-based project

Our 12-month full-time programme is articulated in two terms.

In the first term, Fundamental and Specialist Courses provide the pillars of business administration and sharpen the management skills in order to develop professional competences in several key areas. After the first course dedicated to the team building and personal development , the programme deals with basic competences and core management skills in a wide range of disciplines: financial reporting and analysis, marketing principles, organizational behavior and human capital, corporate finance and financial markets, cost management, budgeting and management reporting, marketing management, auditing, corporate governance, strategy. In addition, you have a course of entrepreneurship and doing business in emerging economies, provided to understand the new trend in the global markets.

The second term is dedicated to the preparation of the Master Thesis. It can be either a research project or a case study, it can also be developed through a field project or an internship.

Some stories from our MBA students:

"I have studied in many countries before coming to Pisa University to study the MBA program. I feel that this program really pays attention to the students needs. The international MBA in Pisa is the perfect combination between learning and developing the right skill set that one needs for the corporate world. The program is challenging, interesting and gives a wide opportunity to interact with people from corporate world. It has certainly added many people to my network of people I know.
The location of the university gives the perfect ambiance for both learning and knowledge.
In Pisa one can feel the deep historical and cultural roots that exist here. The people of Tuscany area are openhearted and always willing to help.
For economic enthusiasts they should also be conscious that the foundation of economics is set in the Tuscany region, and therefore having the privilege of studying here is amazing.
I hope people coming to Pisa MBA program, will experience a great time as I have had here".

Andy Singh Gandhoke
Bachelor degree in Business Administration

"This program was a good plus to my career. The University of Pisa has a good reputation and besides, from the staff to the professors everybody is very helpful. Pisa is a small town but you will find the warm ambience of the town with the other international students in the class. There would be good memories to be remembered. There are lecturers from all over the world and even the program is an intensive one you do not understand how the time passes such quick...
I am sure you guys would have a great experience if you would be participating this program".

Ali Yaman
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Nationalities of our previous and current students: Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Lebanon, Macedonia, Mauritius, Mexico, Nigeria, Perł, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailandia, Tibet, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam.

The Faculty

The faculty

The University of Pisa MBA international faculty is made up of prominent academic professors and lecturers from the top Universities and Business Schools.

Some experiences from our professors and lecturers:
"In teaching the students in their first course (Introduction to Management), I found them to be intelligent, sophisticated, and hard working. Their command of English was first rate, they collaborated effectively in their team projects, and they gave high quality in-class presentations. I recommend the program to anyone who is willing to work hard, both individually and collaboratively, and, in so doing, to gain new insights into organizational management. Students will learn a great deal, not only from the faculty but from their colleagues, as well".

David W. Young
Professor Emeritus Accounting
(Boston University School of Management)

"I find very stimulating, on both a professional and a personal level, working with such a diverse group of students, representing a variety of countries, cultures and mind sets. It is fun to engage all of these assets on creative group work. Diversity and innovation within the unique deep historical and cultural roots of the geographical settings; its what makes this MBA a truly unique lifetime experience upon which to build a dynamic meaningful career".

Riccardo Paterni
Consultant and Founder, Professione Lavoro®

Career and Network

Our partners:

Azimut Holding
Azimut Benetti
Benetton Group
Bialetti Industrie
Eli Lilly
General Electric
Salvatore Ferragamo

Entry Requirements

In order to apply you need to send either via email or by post:
a) a completed application form
b) a curriculum vitae or resume;
c) two completed reference letters (one from your university tutor and one from a former employer);
d) a university degree (BA equivalent, original/official or certified original transcript of grades from the college or University attended);
e) a completed scholarship form , if you wish to apply for a scholarship;
f) proficiency in spoken and written English (TOEFL/IELTS is recommended). We may consider exemptions from these if the student has lived, studied or worked in an English speaking environment.
Anyhow, the knowledge of English is verified as well during the motivational interview.

Application Procedure

The next in-take starts on January 2015. The selection process starts in March 2014 and ends in October 2014.

The two-step selection process usually lasts 4 weeks after all documents are received. The first step is a pre-selection on the basis of the documents sent. If the Prospective Student is considered suitable, a second step is carried out with an interview with the Admission Committee.

Applications are examined on a rolling basis, the first deadline is 15 June 2014, the econd deadline is 15 September 2014, the last deadline is 31 October 2014. Due to the high number of applications, applications received earlier have a greater chance to be admitted.

Tuition and Fees

The tuition fee is € 8.000.

Tuition fee includes all teaching materials, the use of desktop PCs, access to the University of Pisa Libraries, access to University of Pisa Canteen, course of Italian language.

The tuition fee is payable in 4 instalments.

Financial Aid

Top candidates can apply for scholarship offered by the University of Pisa and its partners.
There are partial scholarships.
For information please contact the MBA Admissions Team:

Tel +39 050 2216469
E-mail: [email protected]


Piazza dei Miracoli with the Tower

Art, culture, food and leisure. These are the words that best describe Tuscany: one of the most gorgeous region in the world.

The city of Pisa is known, in the world, for the Tower and the marvellous Piazza dei Miracoli where it stands Cathedral, Baptistery and Monumental Cemetery.
Pisa is also the city of the ancient Etruscan and of the Roman Port in San Rossore, one
of the most recent and important archaeological discoveries made.

Pisa is also a city strongly characterised by environmental treasures, fist of all its Marina, a tourist place established during the years of Belle époque and Liberty, and the Natural Park of San Rossore, with its homonymous estate, also known as a equestrian competition ground and breeding centre among the most important in Europe. All this, and much else besides, makes Pisa a unique city in the vast panorama of the so-called art cities.
Pisa offers an infinite selection of attractions, from historic-artistic ones to holidays.

Student Life

Student services
a) Student Accommodation
b) University Canteen
c) University Student Counselling Service
d) USID Service Unit for the Support and Integration of Disabled Students
e) Language Course

- University Sport Center
- University Youth Orchestra
- The University of Pisa Choir
- Theatre, Music, Cinema
For further information see University of Pisa website: (English version)

Program Information

One-Year Full-Time
  • MBA - Master in Business Administration
Language of Instruction
  • English
Program Website

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