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FIA Business School
Rua José Alves da Cunha Lima, 172
CEP 05360-050 São Paulo
Accreditations: AMBA

The Business School

FIA Business School

The FIA Management Institute Foundation was created in 1980 as an initiative of the professors from the Business Studies Department of the University of São Paulo.

With research in the most diverse areas of management, FIA Business School pioneered Executive MBA programs in Brazil, becoming one of Latin America’s top ranked business schools and considered one of the 60 best Executive MBA institutions in the world by the “Financial Times”. Over 5.000 executives have graduated from the MBA programs, most of them with outstanding job placements. And because the world of business is all about results, FIA Business School is about bringing out it’s students' capacity for questioning, enhancing and implementing their knowledge in an increasingly competitive market.

The Program

International MBA

International MBA

The FIA Business School International MBA is a one year full-time graduate program in business management, specially designed for a multicultural group of students from Europe, Latin America and Asia. Entirely in English, the program offers a unique perspective with an immersion in a business-oriented environment in São Paulo, Brazil’s most dynamic city, in contact with other students and executives from diverse nationalities, enhancing the graduate’s qualification for a successful international career.

The program is based on the successful experience of the FIA Business School International Executive MBA, created in 1992 for senior executives.

Entry Requirements

The Library

The class profile will be constituted by students from Brazil and from overseas, with 3 or more years of relevant professional experience. The target is to compose a class formed by a mix of students from Europe, Asia and the Americas. All teaching will be in English and each group is formed by up to 30 participants selected by a commission that analyses the profiles individually according to the following criteria:

• Relevant higher education degree.
• Advanced level of English demonstrated by Toefl or other equivalent test.
• High potential analytic abilities, demonstrated by GMAT results.
• Minimum of 3 years of relevant professional experience.
• Recommendations by sponsors, faculty or employers.
• Time availability and motivation.

Tuition and Fees

The tuition for the International MBA program is US$ 22,000.00 (twenty two thousand dollars), for the 2008 intake. This amount includes all tuition, orientation, internship search support, and class materials. Textbooks, meals, local and international trips and hotels or extra language classes are not included.

Estimated expenses for a single person:
Accommodation: US$ 6,000.00
Meals: US$ 4,500.00
Textbooks: US$ 1,000.00
Transportation: US$ 600.00

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available on a merit basis for a small number of international candidates from emerging countries.

Payment terms may be financed based on merit and individual needs assessment.

Program Information

One-Year Full-Time
  • International MBA
Language of Instruction
  • English
Program Website
  • International MBA
Program Features
  • Duration of part-time program is 20 months
Language of Instruction
  • English
Program Website
Executive MBA
  • International Executive MBA
  • Pós MBA
Language of Instruction
  • English, Portuguese
Program Website

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