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MBA Programs for Industrial Management / Manufacturing

The manufacturing and industrial sectors are huge (and growing) parts of the global economy. To tap into these lucrative fields, MBA students can pursue related functional concentrations like operations management or supply chain management. Post-MBA careers in these sectors can include everything from an operational manager at a chemical plant to a logistics coordinator at an electronics manufacturer.

Top Business Schools for a career in Industrial Management / Manufacturing

  • Texas A&M - Mays

    Generally, over 20 percent of any given MBA class goes into the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing-minded students can choose to pursue a certificate program in “Supply Chain Management.” View school profile

  • HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

    According to the school, around 22 percent of full-time MBA graduates tend to go into the manufacturing industry. Grads have landed jobs with large manufacturers like BASF and Bombardier. View school profile

  • St. Gallen

    Students have done hands-on MBA projects or have landed jobs with large European manufacturers like Siemens and Schindler. Almost one in four (24 percent) of the class of 2011 went into the manufacturing sector. View school profile

  • Warwick

    The Warwick Manufacturing Group has been producing a range of research and degree programs in the field since 1980. Depending on the year, about 1 in 5 Warwick MBA grads tend to go into manufacturing jobs. View school profile

  • ESADE - Barcelona

    The school reports that 36 percent of graduates tend to get jobs in the industrial sector. On-campus recruiters include large manufacturers like General Electric. View school profile

  • Ohio State - Fisher

    Although the school does not offer a concentration in Manufacturing, the “Operations and Logistics” major offers some relevant curriculum. Over a quarter of the class of 2010 went into manufacturing jobs; and American manufacturers like General Motors and Caterpillar regularly recruit grads. View school profile

  • Michigan State - Broad

    The school's specialization in Supply Chain Management includes some relevant curriculum, like a course in “Manufacturing Design and Analysis.” Of the class of 2010, just over 40 percent of graduates went into the manufacturing sector. View school profile

  • CEIBS - Beijing

    Around 21 percent of the class of 2011 landed jobs in the industrial products sector, in mainland China and beyond. Students can take classes in supply chain and operations management to round-out their required curriculum. View school profile


Business Schools Offering MBA Concentration in Industrial Management / Manufacturing